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Video: 7 Simple Tips from SeaBear for Grilling Salmon

May 25, 2011 by The SeaBear Team in Uncategorized

It doesn’t quite feel like grilling weather here in Anacortes today, but that’s never been enough to stop us! Even with the clouds, the mild weather allows us to grill year-round.

We’ve been working with Chef Dominique to create a set of videos specifically for grilling wild salmon, and this is one of the four. He’s got seven fabulous tips in this video to ensure that your SeaBear wild Alaskan salmon comes off of the barbecue perfectly, every single time.

Dominique’s tips are:
1. Brush olive oil on both sides
2. Start skin side up
3. Give the wild salmon a one-quarter turn
4. Lower the heat after turning
5. Flip only once!
6. Remove when firm to the touch
7. Allow the salmon to sit before enjoying

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